Caesars Sportsbook App Means You No Longer Have To Be At The Casino To Earn Caesars Rewards In Iowa

Written By Derek Helling on October 16, 2021 - Last Updated on July 22, 2022

Caesars Sportsbook is live and proving to be a popular sports betting app in Iowa. Beyond near-daily betting promos and same-game parlays, the gaming operator also features the Caesars Rewards program.

So every sports bet you place on the Caesars app counts toward Caesars Rewards tier credits.

As an awards member, you could enjoy perks such as free slot play and table games, dining, spa services and hotel stays at multiple Caesars partners. How quickly you accumulate Caesars’ rewards will determine how you redeem these rewards.

Caesars Rewards lingo

What are tier credits?

For those unfamiliar with how Caesars Rewards work, you earn tier credits in several ways.

For one, you can get credits on money spent on hotel and dining at Caesars’ locations. Secondly, for playing table games, slots and more at Caesars-branded casinos. And, lastly, when you place sports bets at Caesars.

So, for every $5 of potential profit on a sports bet, you earn one reward credit (see below) and one tier credit.

As an example, if you place a $10 bet at +200 odds, you’d get four reward credits and four tier credits (a $10 bet at +200 odds would profit $20, $20 divided by $5 is four).

However, there is an earnings cap for each bet of $10x the wager amount. For instance, on a $10 wager, your maximum credits earned would be 100, even if your potential payout divided by five is more than 100.

What’s your tier level?

Tier credits are a running tally of your activity throughout a calendar year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31). At the beginning of each calendar year, your accumulation determines your tier level for that year:

  • Gold: Zero-4,999 tier credits
  • Platinum: 5,000-14,999
  • Diamond: 15,000-24,999
  • Diamond Plus: 25,000-74,000
  • Diamond Elite: 75,000-150,000
  • Seven Stars: 150,000+

The perks get better as you climb the status ladder.

What are rewards credits?

You earn rewards credits the same as you earn tier credits; however, they spend differently.

Essentially, rewards credits are points you can use instead of money on various benefits. That’s where the Caesars-branded retail casinos in the Hawkeye State come into play.

Where to redeem Caesars Rewards credits in Iowa

Caesars operates four brick-and-mortar casinos in Iowa. Those are:

At all and any of those properties, the rates for redeeming your rewards credits are:

  • $1 in free play for poker, slots and table games for every 200 rewards credits
  • Buy into World Series of Poker events
  • Free nights at hotels
  • Complimentary beverages and entrees at bars and restaurants inside casinos
  • Comped spa treatments
  • Discounts at retail options inside casinos
  • Free tickets to on-site entertainment offerings

For now, rewards credits are not redeemable for bonus bets at retail sportsbooks, however. There are strategies for maximizing your tier credits on the sports betting app. However, it’s important to remember to do so responsibly.

Caesars’ tier credit bonuses for in-app sports betting

Caesars offers bonus tier credits if you hit certain thresholds within 24 hours. The schedule is:

  • 125 extra tier credits for earning 500 tier credits in a day
  • 1,000 bonus tier credits at 1,000 earned tier credits within a day’s time
  • 2,500 extra tier credits at 5,000 tier credits
  • 5,000 bonus tier credits at 10,000 tier credits

To reach those levels within 24 hours by betting on sporting events, you’d have to place an irresponsible sum of wagers. It’s important to note that you can reach these levels through a variety of methods. It doesn’t have to be all playing slots or all betting on sports.

Placing a wager to chase rewards is a losing proposition. Be sure to set a budget before you gamble to bet responsibly.

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