Easter Sunday Casino Customer Gets 5 Years For Brandishing Axe

Written By Russ Mitchell on January 14, 2022 - Last Updated on July 22, 2022
Easter Axe Chase

Remember the Quad Cities guy who grabbed an axe and chased his wife around a Davenport casino on Easter Sunday? Judge Mark Fowler signed off on terms of a plea agreement that will chop down Jeromy Lee Anderson’s time behind bars.

Anderson received a prison term not to exceed five years. Fowler issued the ruling Thursday, Jan. 6 in Scott County District Court.

Witnesses saw Easter axe chase unfold

Davenport Officer Robert Welch said multiple uninvolved people witnessed the axe altercation at Rhythm City Casino Resort. Surveillance cameras caught some of the Easter commotion as well.

The Welch affidavit said Anderson “retrieved an axe from a vehicle and chased [his spouse] while brandishing the axe overhead in a threatening manner.”

The events unfolded in the Rhythm City parking lot as well as inside the casino:

“The defendant was still armed with the axe and aggressively yelling at the victim in the parking lot when officers arrived. The defendant’s behavior, yelling and violent actions in a public setting gave alarm to other citizens.”

Welch also said Anderson had a knife with a blade length measuring 5.25 inches in a sheath on his belt.

Anderson faced a felony charge for the chopping threat

Authorities originally charged Anderson with:

  • Going armed with intent — a Class D felony.
  • First-offense domestic abuse assault while using or displaying a dangerous weapon — an aggravated misdemeanor.
  • Carrying an illegal weapon (the knife with a blade exceeding 5 inches) — a serious misdemeanor.
  • Disorderly conduct involving fighting or violent behavior, a serious misdemeanor.

Sentencing math in the Easter axe case

A jury trial was possible over the summer. But, the Scott County Attorney’s Office ultimately agreed to drop the knife charge and the related disorderly conduct charge as part of an Aug. 17 plea agreement. The court still had to sign off on the details, however. Judge Fowler reviewed Anderson’s background before the Jan. 6 sentencing hearing.

Assistant County Attorney Lisa Jones and Anderson’s defense attorney Kyle Worby were on hand. Anderson received:

  • A five-year sentence after a guilty plea to the going armed with intent charge
  • Credit for time he’s already served in jail
  • A two-year sentence for the domestic abuse assault charge, but the court will allow him to serve the two-year term at the same time he serves his five-year sentence.
  • Fines totaling $1,880.

Anderson lived in East Moline, IL at the time of his arrest. Scott County deputies transported the 43-year-old to the Iowa Medical Classification Center in Coralville for processing.

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