6 Super Bowl Bets For Those Who Just Watch For The Commercials

Written By Russ Mitchell on February 7, 2021 - Last Updated on March 15, 2024
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Football fans, let’s talk.

PlayIA.com knows you might have people in your life who like the English Premier League better.

Maybe they load up the dishwasher when SportsCenter is on.

Since they spend time with you, they know what a touchdown is, but maybe their eyes gloss over when you tell them why your team needs to “go for two.”

The big game commercials are their gateway to our national obsession, and that’s fine. Welcome aboard. But we can do better than that, right?

Here are six easy-to-follow Super Bowl prop bets at Iowa sportsbooks that will keep them interested in those football parts around the Weeknd’s halftime show.

Let’s get some general game information out of the way first.

Super Bowl basics

Sunday’s match-up features the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. CBS and ESPN DEPORTES have the game this year. Sunday’s kickoff is at 5:30 p.m. CST at Raymond James Stadium.

Super Bowl 55 odds

Every legal online sportsbook in Iowa is providing live odds on the big game:


Now, the appetizers: Super Bowl novelty bets

Bet on the national anthem

Online sportsbooks in Iowa aren’t offering a prop bet on the length of the Star-Spangled Banner performance, but pay attention to the duet by Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church.  (Our passive viewers may need a kitchen timer for this one.)

DraftKing‘s moneyline for any scoring drive to take less time than the national anthem is: Yes (-335) No (+250)

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Bet on the coin toss

OK, so this prop is the obvious one and it won’t get you from kickoff to confetti, but at least it’s easy to understand. William Hill and DraftKings both offer wagers on the toss. The moneyline at William Hill is:

  • Heads (-101) or tails (-101), of course.
  • Coin-toss winner: Buccaneers (-101) or Chiefs (-101)

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DraftKings has a third variation of the flip of fate:

  • Will the player who “calls it in the air” get it right? Yes (-106) No (-106)

If you want to go higher-risk, higher-reward, the coin toss can be tied to the outcome of the game. Again, DraftKings here:

  • Buccaneers win coin toss and game? Yes: (+355) No: (-500)
  • Chiefs win coin toss and game? Yes: (+205) No: (-265)

The main course: Super Bowl on-the-field bets

Now it’s time to keep once-a-year fans interested throughout the game.

Just keep track of Brady and Mahomes

DraftKings has a “total players to attempt a pass” prop bet and set the over/under at 2.5. A lot could go right for the under: Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady could stay behind center in a back-and-forth game until the clock expires.

But what if one of the star quarterbacks gets injured? What if backups Chad Henne (Chiefs) or Blaine Gabbert (Buccaneers) get rewarded with mop-up duties in a blowout? Could a fake field goal or fake punt lead to a pass attempt by a non-quarterback? Your non-football fan will have something to watch.

Total payers to attempt a pass: Over 2.5 (+165) Under 2.5 (-215)

Bet on the fat man  

Hey, don’t look at us: That’s what DraftKings calls it. Just have your non-football fan watch for the big guys up front to take a fumble or tipped pass into the end zone for a score.

  • Any offensive lineman to score a touchdown: Yes (+2000) No (-10000)
  • Any offensive or defensive lineman to score a touchdown: Yes (+800) No (-2000)

Speaking of calories …

Dessert: Bet on Gatorade bath and more

If your novice football fan made it this far, congratulations! Here are a couple of prop bets that won’t be resolved until the end of the game.

Do the total points add up to an odd or even number?

Simple enough, right? Your non-football guest just needs to add. Betfred offers this prop:

Total points scored? Even (+105) Odd (-135)

First Gatorade color dumped on the winning coach

This prop bet wouldn’t be nearly as spectacular in the days of black and white TV. The moneylines per William Hill Sportsbook are:

  • Orange (+100)
  • Red/Pink (+250)
  • Yellow/Green/Lime (+400)
  • Clear/Water (+500)
  • Blue (+800)
  • Purple (+850)

DraftKings also carries sports drink odds. We won’t make betting recommendations, but if you’re at the grocery store, go with long-shot purple because it tastes the best.

Plus, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, so stay hydrated!

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