Competitive NFL Standings Bring Competitive NFL Week 15 Sportsbook Deals

Written By Derek Helling on December 15, 2021 - Last Updated on July 22, 2022
NFL Week 15

NFL Week 15 is here and it seems like the number of teams still alive for playoff spots is matched only by the number of sports betting apps in Iowa with football betting promos this week. There are plenty of offers for new customers as the majority of the NFL sorts out its fate.

The expanded postseason format certainly helps but it’s just the third time since 1978 that the league has entered Week 15 with all playoff spots still up for grabs. While you watch the games, you might want to grab these deals if you can, too.

Also worth noting, the NFL begins Saturday games this week and on Christmas Day.

Are you eligible for these NFL Week 15 offers?

The rules that determine the answer to that question are the same across all the Iowa sportsbook apps in question here. We’re highlighting three of them:

Iowa law says you must be at least 21 years of age to gamble. Additionally, you must be somewhere in the state when you place your bets.

All three of the books only make these deals available to bettors new to their particular brands as well. So, if you’ve yet to try at least one of the three, read on for the details.

Covid woes have scrambled NFL Week 15

The Chiefs are probably happy to get the 34-28 OT Thursday Night Football win over the LA Chargers out of the way. Health and safety protocols have shuffled the calendar and odds. Let’s get to some schedule changes, then keep reading for some offers for new customers in Iowa.

NFL Week 15 games updated

7:15 p.m. Saturday

Early Sunday games

Late Sunday games (including Sunday Night Football)

Monday games


Tuesday games


BetMGM’s Bet $10 Win $200 for a NFL Week 15 touchdown

The Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and the Chiefs are all in the playoff hunt entering this week’s games. BetMGM offers a way to get bonus bets worth $200 just for one of those teams scoring a single touchdown.

To try for the bonus bets, download BetMGM’s app, sign up, and then deposit at least $10. Then, in the Promotions section of the app, select the “Bet $10 Win $200” deal.

At that point, stake at least $10 to either side of the moneyline of any Week 15 game. If the team you pick scores at least one TD during the contest, BetMGM will credit your account with two $100 bonus bets.

If the team you pick also wins, then you’ll get your payout from that wager as well. You get the bonus bets even if the team you pick loses as long as they record at least one TD, though.

Another thing to note is that if you use your bonus bets to place winning wagers, you’ll only get the profit from those bets. Still, with a $100 stake and nothing to lose, that profit could be quite nice. Also potentially quite nice is the next offer on the list. 

Bet $1, Get $100 in bonus bets from DraftKings

While this offer might involve half the value in bonus bets as compared to BetMGM, you have a lot more choice in how to land the promotional value. In fact, if you prefer to bet on another sport other than the NFL, this promo is for you.

To take advantage, register your account with DraftKings and put at least $5 into your ledger. You’ll only need one of those dollars for this deal, including five different sports. The eligible events are:

  • College basketball games
  • College football games
  • NBA games
  • NFL games
  • UFC Fight Night bouts

Pick any fighter or team from the above sports and stake at least a dollar to them on the moneyline. If you win, you’ll get your dollar back and some profit according to the odds. As normal, DraftKings would keep your dollar if you lose, though.

But wait, there’s more. If you pick a UFC combatant and that fighter lands a single punch or if the basketball/football team you pick scores even just one point, DraftKings will give you four bonus bets worth $25 each. You get those regardless of whether you win your bet.

They expire in seven days’ time, however, so get on using them.


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