Great Deals For Your First Bet At Iowa Sportsbooks During First NFL Week 18

Written By Derek Helling on January 5, 2022 - Last Updated on July 22, 2022
NFL Week 18

This weekend is unprecedented times for NFL fans. The first-ever NFL Week 18 is upon football betting enthusiasts in Iowa as the league’s inaugural 17-game season wraps up.

There is no Monday Night game this week but four teams will wrap up their regular-season slates on Saturday, Jan. 8. With three playoff spots still up for grabs among seven teams and a lot of seeding still left to be decided among the 11 teams that are already in, many of the 16 games have heavy implications. That creates a perfect backdrop for new customer promos at two Iowa sportsbooks.

NFL Week 18 bringing it in more ways than one

A majority of the contests this weekend have some postseason implications. While figuring those out can be a little complicated, deciphering whether you are eligible for these offers at Iowa sports betting apps is actually quite simple.

There are three main points of qualification. Those are:

  • Your age — you need to be at least 21 years old
  • Your location — you have to be somewhere in Iowa when you place your bets
  • Your experience — these deals are just for bettors new to each sportsbook

You don’t have to be new to both books, though. So, if you’ve already made some wagers with BetMGM Sportsbook but are new to DraftKings Sportsbook, you’re still free to check out the deal at DraftKings, and vice versa. If you’ve never done any business with either, of course that means you are free to choose.

BetMGM paying out $200 in bonus bets for TDs

You’ve probably seen NFL games where one team keeps the other out of its endzone for the duration. Games where both teams accomplish that feat, though, are pretty rare. For example, only one of 256 games finished without a touchdown so far this season.

To cash in on this offer from BetMGM, you simply have to avoid that scenario. As long as either team scores a single touchdown – defense, offense, special teams; it doesn’t matter – you get two bonus bets worth $100 each.

Just get the BetMGM app, register for an account, and deposit at least $10. Then, stake at least that same amount to any NFL team on this week’s moneyline. If there’s a single touchdown in the appropriate game, even if it isn’t the team you staked to win that scores it, you get the bonus bets.

If you do pick the game’s winner, you’ll also get your payout from that wager. Don’t worry if you miss on that pick, though. As long as there’s a TD in the game, you still get the bonus bets even if you lose this wager.

DraftKings offers $200 in bonus bets for $5 NFL wagers

The offer at DraftKings is pretty similar with half the minimum stake. There’s a give and take in comparing this to the BetMGM deal, though.

While you only have to stake $5 to an NFL moneyline to qualify, you do actually have to place a winning bet to enjoy the perk. If you lose your wager, DraftKings simply keeps your $5 and that’s the end of it.

If you pick a winner this week, though, you’ll get not only your payout from your moneyline bet but also eight bonus bets worth $25 each. All you have to do is get the DraftKings app, sign up, deposit at least $10, then make your $5 wager.

If you place winning wagers with your eight $25 bonus bets, the promotional value won’t be included in your winnings. Additionally, the bonus bets expire seven days after issuance.

Regardless, these promos could be a great way to end the regular season whether your favorite team is continuing to the postseason or not. If you turn those bonus bets into bigger wins, the first-ever NFL Week 18 could be very memorable for you.

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