Iowa Sportsbooks Have Fantastic NFL Wild Card Weekend Promos On The Tee

Written By Derek Helling on January 12, 2022 - Last Updated on July 22, 2022
NFL wild card weekend

Three Iowa sportsbooks look to make NFL super wild card weekend truly super for themselves and bettors in the state. Among the offers are a huge odds boost and hundreds of dollars in bonus bets.

Fans have yet to see how truly wild any of the six games on the schedule for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will be. The NFL betting offers on the tee in IA could make it a wild weekend even if the games turn out to be duds.

Do you qualify for NFL wild card weekend this year?

The Kansas City Chiefs will be in action this weekend (in Arrowhead Stadium against the Pittsburgh Steelers at 7:15 p.m. on Sunday) but the question is, will you? Just like how the Chiefs had to post a 12-5 record to get their playoff seed, you have to qualify for these promotions.

You don’t have to play 17 NFL games, though. It’s a far lower bar. The only requirements are:

  • If you have an active account with any of the participating IA sports betting apps, you can’t participate in these deals from that/those app(s)
  • When you place your bet(s), you have to be somewhere in the state of Iowa
  • You need to be at least 21 years of age

This week, three IA books rolled out special deals just for new bettors for NFL Wild Card Weekend 2022. We’ll tackle them in alphabetical order.

Touchdowns are worth $200 in bonus bets at BetMGM

Six NFC teams will fill the slots in three games to — among other things — decide who will travel to face the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round. Green Bay got the top seed in the NFC and thus gets a bye this week.

You can choose any one of this weekend’s three NFC or any of the three AFC wild card games for this BetMGM offer. In the same way that an NFL team gets six points for crossing an opponent’s goal line, you can get two $100 bonus bets.

To get those bonus bets, you’ll need the BetMGM app, an account, and $10. After you register and make your deposit in the app, select the “Bet $10 Win $200 Any team scores a TD during Wild Card Weekend” promotion.

Then just pick any of the 12 teams in action this weekend and stake at least $10 to them on the moneyline. If you pick the winner correctly, you’ll get the payout from that bet as normal.

As long as there’s at least one touchdown in the game scored by either team any way you get the two $100 bonus bets. That’s the case regardless of how your moneyline wager pans out. The next offer is similar but not identical.

$280 in bonus bets up for grabs over at DraftKings

Yes, this promo offers an additional $80 in bonus bets for half the stake as compared to BetMGM. However, it’s not as easy to get the bonus here.

With this deal, you have to make a winning moneyline wager. If you pick a loser, you not only lose your bet but the chance at $280 in bonus bets, too.

The setup is identical. Get DraftKings‘ app, sign up, deposit $10, pick the “Bet $5, Win $280: Wild Card Weekend – Super Bowl” offer. Pick the team from this weekend’s games you think is most likely to win and back that up with at least $5.

If you choose wisely, you’ll not only get your payout but seven bonus bets worth $40 each. If you choose poorly, well, them’s the breaks. Better luck next time.

A few things to note include that those bonus bets are only valid for seven days after issuance and the promotional value won’t be included in any winnings. If bonus bets aren’t what you’re after this weekend, then the last deal on our shortlist might suit you better.

+3000 NFL wild card odds boost for new FanDuel bettors

Few things make the world go ’round like cash and that’s exactly what FanDuel is offering to new customers in Iowa this weekend. The biggest odds boost of NFL wild card weekend is found in its app.

At this point, you should know the playbook. Put the app on your phone, register your account, make your first deposit, and pick the “NFL Playoffs 30-1 – Bet $5, Win $150 on Any Playoff Team to Win Their Matchup” offer. The sportsbook will then give you a one-time odds boost to use on any of this weekend’s games.

The boost is good for the first moneyline wager you make on an NFL game this weekend. It will take the odds on whichever team you choose to +3000. The maximum wager for the promo is $5.

That means if you pick a winner here, you’ll get a real money payout of $150. No bonus bets or site credit. It’s $150 in actual cash you could withdraw right away if you like.

If you’re new to all three of these sportsbooks and bet successfully, you could be looking at $480 in bonus bets and at least $150 in cash this weekend. The offers are on the tee for you; all you have to do is kick them off.

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