Iowa’s Riverside Casino Reveals Renovated $3M Event Center

Written By T.J. McBride on March 1, 2023
Iowa Casino Celebrates Event Center Renovations

The Riverside Casino and Golf Resort in Riverside, Iowa held a ribbon-cutting event to celebrate the belated grand opening of brand-new renovations. The renovations were to their event center which had just undergone a year-long remodel.

This is one of a few renovations to the Iowa casino over the years, but this one carried a bit more importance compared to others. This renovation will positively impact the community.

This time, the focus was on the event center. And renovations will create an improved space for entertainment of all kinds including concerts and comedy shows.

Riverside Casino and Golf Resort General Manager Damon John said via Southeast Iowa Union:

“We are part of the corridor, it is a place that we feel very fondly about, and we just want to invite everyone down to be part of it. It is exciting for the region, not only for us … it is something for the entire corridor area to experience.”

Details of the Riverside Casino event center renovation

The $3 million renovation to Riverside Casino and Golf Resort was quite the overhaul. Every aspect of the event center seemed to be under the microscope. They altered everything from flooring to audio/visual systems to make it better for performances.

This remodel spans a massive 12,400 square feet. All of the furnishings were replaced with newer options. There is a new chandelier lighting system that can alter itself based on events taking place beneath it.

They also added a stage that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The new stage has the capability of accommodating musical performances, comedy shows, and public speaking events.

The remodel was completed back in 2021. But the ceremony to celebrate the completion was delayed because the event center was booked out. Yes, bookings for the new event center were so full it took over a year for them to celebrate their accomplishment.

According to KCII Radio, John mentioned:

“As of May of last year, our event center had hosted 5,300 concerts, special events, meetings, tournaments, and conferences. That is an average of 330 events each year, so as you can imagine, it is extremely hard to find an open date in this event center.”

As time went on, Riverside Casino felt it was pertinent to keep its establishment up to date. It was simply time to provide a better service to their community in Riverside. John continued:

“Like with anything here at the resort, we take a lot of pride in the product we present to our customers. With thousands of events being held in that event center and hundreds of concerts throughout the years, it was just time to upgrade. With spaces like the event space, you have to adapt with the times.”

This is yet another renovation to the Iowa casino and its surrounding complex

Renovations to the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort are not exactly uncommon. Throughout the years, the Iowa casino has invested money back into the establishment.

Back in 2017, they began a year-long renovation of their casino. Now, five years later, they completed yet another renovation with this new event center. That trend will likely continue as the casino keeps growing.

The tax money generated from the Iowa casino is great. And, for more rural communities, these types of establishments are massive boosts to their economy. Washington Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Michelle Redlinger made sure to thank Riverside Casino for their contributions to their community.

Redlinger said in a statement to the Southeast Iowa Union:

“Without that vision to keep the Riverside Casino a constant draw to the region, we would not be celebrating this renovation today. Rural regions like ours don’t have many opportunities to hold large events, attract national talent, and invite people to our communities.

But your investment in Washington County has opened the door for us. You have been tremendous partners and supporters of the surrounding communities and on behalf of the Washington Chamber of Commerce, I sincerely thank you.”

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