Iowa Sportsbook Bonuses and Betting Offers

Compare the latest promotions, free bets and sportsbook bonuses
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With 19 Iowa casinos, and each allowed two online sportsbooks, the competition for your business is fierce. This puts sports betting fans in Iowa in an enviable position. Free bets, enhanced odds, matched welcome bonuses and regular sportsbook promotions are on offer.

With some smart money management and a solid understanding of how these bonuses work, you can build yourself a big bankroll with only a small investment.

This page provides you with the latest betting bonuses, promo codes and deals at Iowa sports betting sites here at PlayIA. We also have info on how the various online sports betting bonuses work. This includes what to look for in the terms and conditions — after all, the small print can turn what seems like a great bonus into one that is difficult to take advantage of.

Best bonus offers at Iowa sportsbooks

UP TO $1,050 FREE
New User Bonus. T&Cs Apply.
Baseball Special Bet $1, Win $100 (PA Excluded)
Up to $50 Matched Free Bet on Deposit
Up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus
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Risk Free Bet
Up To $500 Risk Free Bet On First Deposit
Weekly Betting Promos
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Risk Free Bet
Up to $1,000 refund if you lose your first bet
Available on Desktop, Android & iOS
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Risk Free Bet
$600 Risk Free Bet
$10 Free Weekly Bet
Use Bonus Code: PLAYBONUS
up to $1,015 free 
Sign Up Bonus
$15 Free Bet just for joining
100% Wager Match up to $1,000 
Promo code is CASE SENSITIVE
In Free Bets On Deposit
Get 2 Risk-Free Bets Up to $2,000
Use Promo Code: BETBONUS

Bonuses and promo codes for online sportsbooks in Iowa

You can currently bet at several online sportsbooks in Iowa. The two top sites in the state, at this point, are DraftKings Sportsbook and PointsBet Iowa. You’ll find a summary of their welcome bonus deals, along with promotional codes, below:

DraftKings Iowa Sportsbook

  • Bonus Offer: $50 free, no-deposit bonus upon sign-up
  • Promo Code: No code necessary; click on our link to activate the promo.
  • Registration: None - Use Links

PointsBet Iowa Sportsbook

  • Bonus Offer: Get two risk-free bets, up to $1,500
  • Promo Code: BETBONUS
  • Registration: Online or the PointsBet app

BetMGM Iowa Sportsbook

  • Bonus Offer: 100% match, up to $600, on your first deposit
  • Promo Code: PLAYBONUS
  • Registration: Online or the BetMGM mobile app

FanDuel Iowa Sportsbook

  • Bonus Offer: Up to $1,000 risk-free first bet
  • Promo Code: None - Use Links
  • Registration: Online or the FanDuel app

Betfred Sports IA

  • Bonus Offer:  $15 free bet just for signing up, and 100% wager match, up to $1,000
  • Promo Code: BFS15
  • Registration: Online

BetRivers Iowa Sportsbook

  • Bonus Offer: 100% Deposit match of up to $250
  • Promo Code: PLAY250
  • Registration: Online

William Hill IA Sportsbook

  • Bonus Offer: $500 risk-free bet
  • Promo Code: LEGALRF
  • Registration: Online or William Hill mobile app

Elite Sportsbook

  • Bonus Offer: 100% risk-free bet, up to $500 (ends Jan. 31)
  • Registration: Online

Hard Rock Sportsbook

  • Bonus Offer: 100% risk-free bet of $100
  • Registration: Online or Hard Rock mobile app

Not all sportsbooks will use specific promo codes for their welcome bonuses – with many making these deals available for all new bettors. Many of them will offer you free bets, and despite their simple name, we should discuss all the ins and outs of these types of rewards.

How free bet bonuses work in Iowa

One common type of sportsbook bonus that you’ll encounter is the free bet bonus. Free bets are, more or less, what you’d expect them to be. They are vouchers to place a bet of a specified amount.

Sportsbooks will typically offer them in exchange for something. The book may want you to register, deposit or simply to place a certain bet.

One of the nice things about free bet bonuses is that they are one of the few win-win situations in sports betting. While you get the opportunity to place a bet at no cost and (maybe) make some money, the sportsbook has the chance to impress you and (hopefully) gain you as a customer.

Claiming a free bet

Claiming a free bet depends entirely on the language of the offer. In some cases, you’ll get the free bet as a sort of gratuity or immediate benefit. For other promotions, you’ll have to satisfy certain conditions to get the free bet released to you.

Typical situations that may come with a free bet include:

  • No-Deposit Bonus: These offers are usually reserved for introductions to the sportsbook and new players. The free bet will be waiting for the brand-new sportsbook member as compensation for their registration.
  • Deposit Bonus: Deposit bonuses involve the sportsbook matching a portion of your deposit amount in some way. While it’s more common to receive these bonuses as site credits, you will occasionally receive free bets as the match. Watch out for the playthrough associated with these types of bonuses, though – more on that in a minute.
  • Risk-Free Bonus: Losing while you bet on sports is inevitable, and sportsbooks don’t want you to get a sour taste in your mouth if things don’t go your way. So, they’ll offer to insure a certain amount of your bet or bets on specified events or time periods. However, rather than sending cash, most sportsbooks will refund you with a free bet of the appropriate amount.

Using a free bet

Once you have the free bet bonus in hand, you’ll obviously want to use it. The first thing to understand is that free bets are not divisible or bankable in any way.

In other words, you must use the full value of the bet. If you try to parcel up the value of the free bet, it likely won’t work. Even if you do manage to bet for less than the full value, you’ll simply forfeit the remainder. So, there’s no need to try and play conservatively with a free bet.

It’s possible that the bonus may be limited in terms of the bets you can take, too. Depending on the language in the terms and conditions, you may find that you cannot wager on overwhelming favorites, for instance. This kind of restriction is not universal, of course, but it’s good to be aware that it may be present.

After you place the bet, the wager will either win or lose, of course. If it loses, then there’s no harm, no foul to you. However, if it wins, you may be surprised about the amount of money that you get back.

With normal winning sports bets, you get both your profit and the value of your stake in return when you win. So, if you bet $200 to win $100, your total payout would be $300.

However, with free bets, the sportsbook does not return the value of the free bet to you after the bet is complete. In the example above, your payout would only be the $100 profit.

It’s still nice to win money, but you’re just getting the white meat with a free bet.

Terms to look out for in a Iowa sportsbook welcome bonus

With any type of bonus, it pays to read the fine print. While the sportsbooks are not deliberately trying to mislead you, you should always click the links that say ‘see terms’ alongside the bonus offers. As you’ll see below, some deals are a lot better than others.

Here are the key terms to look for when comparing online sportsbook bonus deals in Iowa:

  • Playthrough: This might also be called wager-through. It shows the number of times a bonus needs to be bet before it is ‘cleared’ into your regular cash balance, where it can be withdrawn. No book will have a zero playthrough – as it would be possible simply to deposit and withdraw the extra cash right away. The best books have a 1x requirement, you bet the bonus at least once. Others will have between 5x and 20x. The rule of thumb here is; the lower the playthrough, the better the bonus.
  • Time Allowed: This varies depending on the type of bonus. Free bets need to be settled within 7 days at many books (which effectively excludes futures bets). Matched bonuses and risk-free first bets usually have longer time-frames. 30 days is common, though 60 days+ can be found. If you bet small stakes, and want to take advantage of a bigger bonus, then check for books which give you longer time-frames.
  • Minimum Odds: It can be tempting to pick teams which are huge favorites to fulfill your wagering requirements. Many Iowa sportsbooks will stop this by adding a minimum odds requirement for bonus clearance. For example, many books won’t allow wagers of -200 or lower to count.

While these are the three biggest factors, there might also be restrictions on the types of bet you can place. This can include excluding certain sports, prop bets or multiples.

On the positive side, you might find extra welcome bonus offers at some sportsbooks to encourage you to start betting on your mobile devise or on their in-play betting section.

Ongoing bonuses in Iowa: Promos and rewards for regular bettors

Ongoing promos show bigger differences between online sportsbooks than the welcome bonuses do. Some books will stick to tried and trusted odds boosts and insurance offers, while others will come up with fresh promotions on a regular basis.

These ongoing sportsbook bonuses will make a bigger difference to you financially over the long term than the short-lived welcome offers do. It can pay to bookmark the promotions page of all the betting sites.

You can check them all before you place your bets on match-day. You never know when you might find offers linked to exactly the matches you were going to bet on.

Just like with the welcome bonuses, the real value of these promotions can be seen via the terms and conditions. Here are the main types of promotion:

  • Reload Bonuses: If you run out of cash, then a reload bonus can give you a boost on new deposits. These work in a similar way to the matched welcome bonuses. In general, the percentage matched will be lower. For example, a typical welcome bonus might be at 100%, while a reload bonus could be 50%.
  • Enhanced Odds: Big matches are often the target of special promotions where you get enhanced odds for certain types of bets. This can give your profits a big boost if you make the right bet. Some enhanced odds promos involve combining 2 or more matches into a single bet.
  • Insurance Promotions: Sportsbooks will offer bet insurance for parlays, and sometimes for specific matches where the results change in overtime. Parlay insurance returns your original stake if you lose a multi-match (often 5+) parlay by a single leg. Overtime insurance will also return your stake. There are many variations on the insurance theme. For example, your stake returned on a 0-0 draw in soccer for a high-profile match.
  • Picks and Leaderboard Contests: Free to enter picks contests are an entertaining way to take advantage of some promotional cash from sportsbooks. Here you are picking the outcome of many fixtures, competing with other people at your betting site for a share of the prize pool. Leaderboards work on a weekly or monthly basis, with your picks or live bets compared to other bettors. This type of contest often requires opt-in.
  • Parlay Boosts: Some sportsbooks will give any parlays you land a boost. The amount of the boost will depend on how many legs your bet contained. If you won a 10+ leg parlay, you will already be celebrating, a boost of 50% (for example) could make that celebration even better.

Other promotions include wheel-of-fortune type spins, which give out betting credits or cash bonuses. In other states there are also cross-over promotions. With no casino or poker games online in Iowa at the moment, we’d need to wait for future legislation for this to happen.

Promotions tend to hit a peak with the big sporting events. March Madness, the Super Bowl, World Series and Stanley Cup finals are a great time to check the sportsbooks for extra deals.

Iowa sportsbook bonuses: Loyalty programs

The final part of the benefits offered at Iowa’s new online sportsbooks are loyalty rewards. This is also the area with the most diversity. Some books will tie their loyalty programs into their existing (live) casino comp schemes. Others will create complex schemes with multiple levels, while others will have flat cash-back type schemes instead.

To get the most from multi-level schemes, you need to dedicate a large part of your betting to a single site. While the rewards for getting to “VIP” level can be big, these do need to be balanced by many other factors.

For example, if the odds offered for your preferred leagues are better at another book, then playing somewhere just for the loyalty scheme could cost you money over time, however good the rewards. This also ties in with the other types of bonuses and promotional offers covered above.

Schemes which tie in with live casinos might offer you resort credit and free room nights at casinos around the country. Again, you need to balance this with betting bonuses and other online rewards before you decide which is the best for you.

Some sportsbooks, for example, BetRivers will “gamify” its loyalty scheme and use a progress bar. This social loyalty program includes a live feed where you’ll see the big wins of others who are betting at the site.

If you are a big bettor, then you could be eligible for a host and true VIP status. Look out for tailored bonuses, expedited deposits and even events like comps for major sporting events once you reach the top level.

Tips for getting the best from Iowa sportsbook bonuses

You’ll already be ahead of most Iowans when it comes to taking advantage of sportsbook bonuses after reading the information above. This section gives you five key tips for maximizing your betting returns as the new sportsbooks appear:

  • Money and Deposit Method Management: You need to decide on how you’ll deposit and withdraw from the online sportsbooks. Debit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers all work at Iowa sportsbooks. Set aside a portion of your betting bankroll to take advantage of bonus offers as they appear – withdrawing funds once the offer is cleared if needed. By having this available, you’ll be able to take advantage of the maximum number of deals, giving your overall betting bankroll a boost.
  • Check the Terms: Make it part of your routine to check the terms of each bonus offer before you accept it. This does not need to involve hours reading through legal-speak documents, a quick check for restrictions, time limits and playthrough requirements will usually suffice. These checks will ensure you don’t get caught out taking a sportsbook bonus which was not as good as it first appeared.
  • Look Out for Launches: When a new sportsbook launches, they will often have extra promotions. Keeping track of the new books will ensure you are in the best position to take advantage of those big marketing budgets.
  • Bookmark the Promotions Pages: Before you place a bet at your regular sportsbook, have a check around the promo pages of all the Iowa betting sites. You never know when you’ll find an odds boost, insurance deal or other promo which applies to the bet you would have placed.
  • Email Marketing: If you have not bet for a while at a specific book, you might find special offers appearing in your inbox. Make sure you opt-in to emails from all the sportsbooks (you can set up a fresh email address for this).

Wrapping up: Understanding bonus and promotional offers

With so many online sportsbooks launching, there has never been a better time to take advantage of bonuses and promotional offers. The books will be looking to get their apps downloaded and become the go-to site for bettors ahead of the competition.

By taking a practical, methodological approach to these bonuses, you can give your betting bankroll a welcome boost.

Free bet offers are a great starting point. These tend to be on the small side, though are completely risk-free. The bigger welcome bonuses come in the form of risk-free bets or matched welcome offers.

These bonuses will only last for a short while. Fortunately, there are plenty of deals which can keep you topped up over the long-term. These include promos like reloads, odds boosts and insurance – and loyalty programs. There is a lot of difference in both the number and the quality of the promotions on offer at the different Iowa sportsbooks.

Reading the terms is a must for profiting from sportsbook bonuses. There is often a lot of variation in playthrough and restrictions on the odds for this.

While bonuses are always welcome, the key to successful betting over the long-term is to find value. At the same time as you work through the bonus offers, take a look at which sportsbooks regularly have the best odds on sports you bet on.