Chicago Bears Betting in Iowa

How to bet, types of bets and Chicago Bears history

While the Chicago Bears have only ever won one Super Bowl, the franchise could be considered one of the best in the whole of football. It has had more players enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame than any other team. The Bears also have more overall victories than any other franchise. The team plays at Soldier Field in Chicago and is currently coached by Matt Nagy.

This guide to betting on the Chicago Bears in Iowa begins with a look at the history of the franchise, detailing its successes over the years. Next, you’ll find a rundown of all of the betting options you can enjoy on each Chicago Bears game. The guide ends by detailing exactly how and where you’ll be able to place a wager in the Hawkeye State.

History of the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears formed in 1920 and were originally known as the Decatur Staleys (curiously, they were named after a food starch company). The name changed to the Chicago Staleys a year later, before the Chicago Bears name was introduced in 1922.

Many of the Bears’ big successes came in the days before the Super Bowl. Their first success came in just their second season, when the Chicago Staleys would win the NFL Championship in 1921. Back-to-back successes came in 1932 and 1933, narrowly missing out on a hat trick of victories after losing the 1934 championship game to the New York Giants.

Golden era in the 1940s

The 1940s were the most successful era for the team. In the 1940 NFL Championship game the Bears beat the Washington Redskins by an incredible 73-0, while further successes came in 1941, 1943 and 1946. In 1963, the Bears would win the NFL Championship again.

Aside from the occasional season, George Halas would be the head coach of the team from its inception, all the way through to 1967, while also owning the team until his death in 1983.

The one Super Bowl success came for the Bears in 1985. That’s when they dominated the New England Patriots 46-10 under head coach Mike Ditka and star players such as Walter Payton, William Perry (The Refrigerator), Mike Singletary and QB Jim McMahon.

In 2018 the Bears would make the playoffs for the first time in eight years, losing a tight battle with the Philadelphia Eagles 15-16 at Soldier Field.

Betting on Chicago Bears games: Types of bets

In any Iowa online sportsbook, there will be a huge focus on the NFL and especially on the Bears, who have a large swath of support in the Hawkeye State. Here are some of the most popular markets available on the games:

Point Spread — This is the most popular football bet of all, where the underdog will receive additional points in order to make the game an even 50/50 proposition. Back the favored team and you’ll need it to win by more than “the spread,” while any other result will see underdog backers win.

Money Line — Here you’re simply wagering on which team will win the game. In this market you can sometimes see very long odds for an underdog. Meanwhile, you can try to “buy” a small amount of money by betting heavily on the favored team at very short odds.

Totals — When betting on the totals, you are predicting whether the total points scored in a game will be under or over a given total. If you think the game will be a tight defense-dominated affair, you could bet under. However, if you see touchdowns aplenty coming, you could bet over.

With the NFL being so popular, you’ll find lots of other wagers available alongside the “big three” above. Halftime and quarter betting will be available, as well as the margin of victory and even prop bets based on individual players’ performances.

On the NFL you will also find a series of futures bets. The most popular of these is on the eventual winner of the Super Bowl. In addition, you’ll be able to place a wager on the Bears potentially winning the NFC Conference Championship and the NFC North division. All of these futures wagers will be available in both the preseason and throughout the regular season.

How to bet on the NFL in Iowa

Recent law changes have seen sports betting open up in Iowa. Bill SF 617 made betting legal, allowing each casino to have a retail sportsbook and also to license up to two online sportsbook apps.

Things moved quickly, with the majority of casinos opening their retail sportsbooks within months of the law being signed in May of 2019. Online sportsbooks would quickly follow. These can be accessed via an app for your phone or using your desktop web browser.

Anyone age 21 and older can use an online sportsbook in Iowa. You need to be inside state lines to place a bet and will need to complete your registration at the casino that licenses your book. Football betting covers the NFL in depth, with college football also featured. You can bet on matches that are already underway using the apps. This innovation — called “in-play betting” — sees the odds update in real time, depending on how the on-field action unfolds.