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There may be no NFL team for us to call our own here in Iowa, but there are still scores of gridiron fans across the state. While there’s no one single squad with a monopoly on the fan base, there’s plenty of options available from neighboring states.

If we look toward the north, we find the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have a strong following in the Hawkeye State, and now you can legally place bets in Iowa on all of their games.

You can be ready to bet online on the NFL in mere minutes. Read on for the best places to play, some outstanding sign-up offers and where to get the latest odds. Here’s our guide to betting on the Vikings in Iowa.

Minnesota is a fun team to bet on featuring one of the league’s best running backs in Dalvin Cook. QB Kirk Cousins has outstanding targets in Justin Jefferson, K.J. Osborn and Adam Thielen.

Vikings coaching change ushers in 2022

The Vikings ended the season with a 8-9 mark after a 31-17 win over the Chicago Bears. The losing record and second-place finish cost general manager Rick Spielman and coach Mike Zimmer their jobs on Jan. 10.

Spielman had been part of the Vikings front office since 2006, when he was named Vice President of Player Personnel. The Vikings won four NFC North titles and made six playoff appearances in 13 seasons under Spielman. Zimmer arrived in 2014 and ended his stay in the Twin Cities with a 72-56-1 record. The count includes two NFC North titles and a third playoff berth. Minnesota missed the playoffs in three of the past four seasons.

Minnesota Vikings Draft Picks

Minnesota will open the first round of 2022 NFL Draft with the No. 12 overall pick.

The Vikings have middle-of-the-pack second-round (No. 46 overall) and third-round (No. 77) picks to reshape the roster. The NY Jets have Minnesota’s fourth-round pick (No. 114) from the TE Chris Herndon trade in August 2021.

A pair of Yannick Ngakoue trades shape Minnesota’s fifth-round outlook. Stay with us: The Jacksonville Jaguars have Minnesota’s fifth-round pick (No. 155) after the Vikings acquired the DE in August 2020. Minnesota got the Baltimore Ravens pick (No. 154) when they traded Ngakoue away at mid-season in 2020.

Fans will like Minnesota’s sixth-round options. They have the Jets pick at No. 184 as part of the Herndon trade, plus their own pick at No. 192. Finally, the Vikings moved up from the seventh round to the sixth round (No. 208) after sending CB Mike Hughes to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Vikings don’t have their own seventh-round pick at No. 230 as a result of the Hughes trade. They do have Denver’s pick at No. 229 after trading DE Stephen Weatherly and a 2023 seventh-round draft pick to the Broncos.

The NFL Draft is April 28-30 in Las Vegas.

What’s the spread on the next Vikings game? 

You can bet on all of the Vikings games from the preseason through to the playoffs. Get the best available lines on every Vikings game below with our live odds feed from online sportsbooks in Iowa. Click any odds to go directly to the sportsbook, claim your bonus and get started on your Vikings bets.

Vikings Super Bowl, NFC North odds

NFL futures odds let you bet on the Vikings to win the Super Bowl, NFC or NFC North well in advance of and during the season. Check our live odds from Iowa online sportsbooks below to see the best current odds on the Vikings. Click the odds to go straight to the sportsbook, claim your bonus and lock in your bet.

Kirk Cousins MVP and prop odds

There are plenty of ways to bet on the NFL, including a range of props for each game. There are also season-long props to consider on all of the top Vikings stars, including Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook. See below for any current prop odds at Iowa online sportsbook. Click the odds to go right to the sportsbook and claim you bonus. MVP award betting could be an option down the road, but it isn’t an available wager in Iowa yet.

2022 Minnesota Vikings Opponents

The 2022 Minnesota Vikings schedule can begin to take shape with 2021 in the books. Of course, the Vikings face their three NFC North rivals twice per season (six games) — home and away:

Each team plays an 18-week regular-season schedule with 17 games and a bye week. So six games against the NFC North rivals leave 11 games to round out the 2022 schedule. The NFL rotates teams from another NFC division every three years.

  • In 2022, the NFC North teams face the NFC East teams (four games).
  • The league rotates an AFC division into the Vikings schedule on a four-year cycle as well. In 2022, AFC East teams will be on Minnesota’s schedule (four games).
  • Minnesota finished behind Green Bay, but ahead of Chicago and Detroit in 2022. That means they have games with the second-place teams from the NFC West and NFC South as well (two games).
  • The league added a 17th game in 2021. So, the Vikings will play another second-place team from the AFC. The AFC division opponent for the 17th game rotates every four years as well.

With that background here are the Minnesota Vikings 2022 opponents:

Home — Bears, Lions, Packers plus:

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • New York Giants
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • New York Jets
  • New England Patriots
  • Indianapolis Colts

Away — Bears, Lions, Packers plus:

  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Washington Football Team
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Miami Dolphins

When Does the 2022 Minnesota Vikings Schedule Come Out?

The NFL schedule release is one of the most highly anticipated events of the offseason. Fans get their first official glimpse of what the season ahead holds for their team. ESPN and NFL Network both plan hours of programming around the schedule announcement.

Nothing is official yet, but the NFL released the 2021 NFL schedule on May 12, so look for a similar timeline this spring. If the NFL follows the same calendar pattern, watch for a team schedule in the mid-week after Mother’s Day in 2022.

Also starting in 2022, all 32 NFL teams have to play an international game at least once every eight seasons.

Minnesota Vikings Future Opponents

The NFL scheduling formula could always change, but for now we know who many of Minnesota’s home-and-away opponents will be in future years. We already know Chicago, Detroit and Green Bay are locked in as home-and-away division rivals so we won’t list them below.


  • Home — New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs, LA Chargers and an NFC West team
  • Away — Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders an NFC East team and an AFC North team


  • Home — Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, NFC South team and an AFC East team
  • Away — Jacksonville Jaguars, LA Rams, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks and an NFC East team

Vikings Vegas odds vs. online odds

Las Vegas remains entrenched as a sports betting mecca. The oddsmakers out in Sin City are talented, and the books attract lots of betting action. The odds for the biggest games and events are still viewed as the standard.

That said, the times are changing rapidly. Now that sports betting has been legalized in multiple states, there are a lot more options available. For example, there are a number of top sportsbooks here in Iowa that are completely legal.

They’re doing a fantastic job with the odds and lines, as well. In fact, they’re right in line with what you’ll see out west. That doesn’t mean they’ll always be the same, but it does mean that local oddsmakers are providing us with an efficient market.

While researching sports you want to bet on, there’s nothing wrong with checking out the latest numbers from Vegas. This will give you a baseline to compare things too, but there’s a good chance that you’ll find comparable numbers here at home.

Vikings live/prop betting 

When you’re getting set for a Vikings game, there will be plenty of betting opportunities for you to consider. Two of the more intriguing ones have emerged as popular options at online sportsbooks. Live betting lets you wager along as the game plays out, while props open the door to even more ways to bet on the proceedings.

For live betting, the best place to make it happen is with an app. All the top sportsbooks feature dedicated sections for current and upcoming offerings. As you enjoy the game, you can simply check out the app to scout for intriguing wagers. You’ll see updated Vikings odds for the spread, total and moneyline, as well as opportunities like this:

  • How many total receptions for Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson before halftime — over/under 8.5?

In advance of kickoff, you can find the available props for the game by clicking the main listing for the Vikings and their opponent. There will be some that are based on team performance or the game outcome, as well as plenty that revolve around player statistics.

  • How many combined yards will Dalvin Cook have — over/under 114.5?

As you can see, there’s a lot of crossover between prop betting and fantasy sports, so it’s a great entry point for those with experience with the latter. There will be plenty of options for each game during the season, so be sure to check them out.

Best Iowa betting apps 2022

Options are a good thing, and there are several when it comes to mobile sports betting in Iowa. Two of our top choices are Caesars and DraftKings, a pair of industry leaders that have been at the top of the charts in a number of legal states to date.

Caesars is well-known name in the gaming industry. The company continues to grow to offer the best lines and odds to sports bettors across the US. The odds and lines are always right in line with what the betting market supports, and the platform is laid out in clearly.

DraftKings burst onto the daily fantasy sports scene about a decade ago. It took some time, but the company emerged as the top destination for DFS. DraftKings had a close eye on developments with legal sports betting, and the company has been going all-in when states have legalized. The app is highly regarded across the industry.

For comparison purposes, it’s a close call. The Caesars app is a bit cleaner and offers many promotions, but the DraftKings app does a better job with live betting and promotions to low-stakes bettors. Bettors looking to get down to business may prefer the Caesars app, while those who like more features should look to DraftKings.

Vikings betting lines explained  

When there’s a Vikings game on tap, legal sportsbooks will be on standby with odds and lines for bettors to consider. The standard game listing covers three of the most popular ways to bet on the NFL. Here’s what you can expect to see:

Detroit Lions+4.5 (-110) +180 O 52.5 (-110)
Minnesota Vikings -4.5 (-110) -220 U 52.5 (-110)

Next to the two team names are the numbers for the point spread, moneyline and totals. A negative number points to a favorite, while underdogs get positive digits. For spreads and totals, you’ll see the number posted by the sportsbook as well as the odds for the wager.

In this example, Minnesota is favored by 4.5 points and is the moneyline favorite in a game with a projected total of 52.5 points. Here’s a quick runthrough of the three bet types:

  • Point Spread: The side you choose has to cover the listed number for a winning bet. In this case, the Vikings have to win by five points or more, while the Lions can cover by keeping the margin to four points or fewer or by winning the game.
  • Moneyline: This is one of the easiest bets on the wagering menu to understand and a great starting point for those new to betting. All you need to do is choose which side you think will win the game.
  • Totals: Also known as an over/under bet, this wager is all about the total combined points that the two teams will score in the game. Sportsbooks set an estimate, and bettors then get to decide if they think it’ll be over or under that amount.

NFL games are heavily bet, so you can safely assume that all three bet types will attract a lot of action for Vikings games. Make sure you take the time to shop around at different sportsbooks, as the odds can be slightly different. While it may seem minor, those small shifts can make a big difference to your overall betting success.

How did the Vikings do last year? 

The Vikings missed the playoffs for the second-straight season in 2021. The slump came after Minnesota made the playoffs in three of five seasons between 2015-19. It made it the furthest in 2017 with a loss in the NFC Championship game to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Vikings are looking for a new GM and head coach in 2022. Vikings owners Mark Wilf (president) and Zygi Wilf (chairman) are changing course after an up-and-down season eventually saw the Vikings with an 8-9 record.

WeekDateOpponentScore and Time
1Sun. Sept. 12@ Cincinnati BengalsL — 27-24 (OT)
2Sun. Sept. 19@Arizona CardinalsL — 34-33
3Sun. Sept. 26vs. Seattle SeahawksW — 30-17
4Sun. Oct. 3vs. Cleveland BrownsL — 14-7
5Sun. Oct. 10vs. Detroit LionsW — 19-17
6Sun. Oct. 17@ Carolina PanthersW — 34-28 (OT)
7Sun. Oct. 31vs. Dallas CowboysL — 20-16
9Sun. Nov. 7@ Baltimore RavensL — 34-31 (OT)
10Sun. Nov. 14@ Los Angeles ChargersW — 27-20
11Sun. Nov. 21vs. Green Bay PackersW — 34-31
12Sun. Nov. 28@ San Francisco 49ersL — 34-26
14Sun. Dec. 5@ Detroit LionsL — 29-27
15Thurs. Dec. 9vs. Pittsburgh SteelersW — 36-28
16Mon. Dec. 20@ Chicago BearsW — 17-9
17Sun. Dec. 26vs. Los Angeles RamsL — 30-23
8Sun. Jan. 2@ Green Bay PackersL — 37-10
18Sun. Jan. 9vs. Chicago BearsW — 31-17

Vikings recent stat leaders

The Vikings have been an entertaining bunch in recent years. There has been a lot of star power on offense, as well as talent on defense. Add it all up, and it’s not too tough to see why the team has been in contention more often than not. Here’s a look at the leaders in some key stats over recent seasons:

YearPass YdsRush YdsReceiving YdsTacklesSacks
2021Cousins - 4,221Cook - 1,159Jefferson - 1,616Kendricks - 143Wonnum - 8
2020Cousins - 4,265Cook - 1,557Jefferson - 1,400Wilson - 122Ngakoue - 5
2019Cousins - 3,603Cook - 1,135Diggs - 1,130Kendricks - 110Hunter - 14.5
2018Cousins - 4,298Cook - 615Thielen - 1,373Kendricks - 108Hunter - 14.5
2017Keenum - 3,547Murray - 842Thielen - 1,276Kendricks - 113Griffen - 13
2016Bradford - 3,877McKinnon - 539Thielen - 967Kendricks - 109Hunter - 12.5
2015Bridgewater - 3,231Peterson - 1,485Diggs - 720Kendricks - 92Griffen - 10.5

Starting QBs, last 10 years

Kirk Cousins has been the man behind center for the Vikings recently. Prior to that, the club spent some time looking for a long-term answer. Here’s a look back at the starting QBs over the past decade in Minnesota and how the team fared in each season:

  • 2021: Kirk Cousins 16, Sean Mannion 1. Team record, 8-9.
  • 2020: Kirk Cousins, 16. Team record, 7-9.
  • 2019: Kirk Cousins, 15 games. Sean Mannion, 1. Team record, 10-6.
  • 2018: Kirk Cousins, 16. Team record, 8-7-1.
  • 2017: Case Keenum, 14. Sam Bradford, 2. Team record, 13-3.
  • 2016: Sam Bradford, 15. Shaun Hill, 1. Team record, 8-8.
  • 2015: Teddy Bridgewater, 16. Team record, 11-5.
  • 2014: Teddy Bridgewater, 12. Matt Cassel, 3. Josh Freeman, 1. Team record, 7-9.
  • 2013: Christian Ponder, 9. Matt Cassel, 6. Josh Freeman, 1. Team record, 5-10-1.
  • 2012: Christian Ponder, 16. Team record, 10-6.
  • 2011: Christian Ponder, 10. Donovan McNabb, 6. Team record, 3-13.
  • 2010: Brett Favre, 13. Tarvaris Jackson, 1. Joe Webb, 2. Team record, 6-10.

Vikings draft picks

As a team that has regularly been in postseason contention, it’s clear that the Vikings have done a solid job in the NFL draft. Of course, there have been some swings and misses along the way. Here’s a look at the last five players who have been drafted in the first round by Minnesota:

2021Christian DarrisawOTVirginia Tech
2020Justin JeffersonWRLSU
2020Jeff GladneyCBTCU
2019Garrett BradburyCNorth Carolina State
2018Mike HughesCBCentral Florida

Vikings bench staff

Mike Zimmer served as the head coach of the Vikings since 2014, so expect a significant change to the coaching staff when a new coach arrives in Minneapolis. In Minnesota history, only nine coaches have had the top job. Let’s take a look at the staff Zimmer put together in his final season at the helm:

  • Offensive coordinator/assistant head coach: Gary Kubiak
  • Offensive line/run game coordinator: Rick Dennison
  • Running backs: Kennedy Polamalu
  • Tight ends: Brian Pariani
  • Quarterbacks: Klint Kubiak
  • Wide receivers: Andrew Janocko
  • Assistant offensive line: Phil Rauscher
  • Offensive quality control: Christian Jones
  • Offensive quality control: AC Patterson
  • Co-defensive coordinator/defensive line: Andre Patterson
  • Co-defensive coordinator/linebackers: Adam Zimmer
  • Senior defensive assistant: Dom Capers
  • Defensive backs: Daronte Jones
  • Defensive quality control/assistant linebackers: Nick Rallis
  • Assistant defensive line: Imarjaye Albury
  • Assistant defensive backs: Roy Anderson
  • Special teams coordinator: Marwan Maalouf
  • Assistant special teams: Ryan Ficken
  • Director of competition development: Mark Uyeyama
  • Assistant strength and conditioning: Derik Keyes
  • Assistant strength and conditioning: Chaz Mahle

Minnesota Vikings home games

The Vikings have been playing home games at US Bank Stadium since 2016. When the franchise came into the league, games were played at Metropolitan Stadium, followed by a stint at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. Minnesota played two seasons at TCF Bank Stadium while its current home stadium was being built.

  • Name: US Bank Stadium
  • Address: 401 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis
  • Owner: Minnesota Sports Facility Authority
  • Operator: SMG
  • Capacity: 66,860
  • Groundbreaking: Dec. 3, 2013
  • Opening Date: July 22, 2016
  • Construction Cost: $1.061 billion
  • Other Events: College football, soccer, baseball, concerts

Best places to watch the Vikings game

If you’ve got plans to be out in the Twin Cities during NFL season but don’t have tickets to see the game, there are some solid alternatives to consider. There are a number of fantastic bars in the area that offer a festive game-day atmosphere. Here’s a few places to check out.

Sneaky Pete’s in Minneapolis

There are 55 screens and a great selection of food and beverages, but this is much more than your average sports bar. There’s a nightclub attached for some after-hours fun and victory celebrations.

  • Address: 14 N. Fifth St., Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • Phone: 612-333-8820
  • Hours: 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily

Crooked Pint Ale House in Minneapolis

In downtown Minneapolis, the Crooked Pint has that local watering hole-feel. Just a few blocks from the stadium, the joint is jumping on game day. There’s an expansive menu and a big beer list to boot.

  • Address: 501 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN  55415
  • Phone: 612-877-6900
  • Hours: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursdays-Mondays

If you’re looking to head out to watch the games here in Iowa, the same applies. There are a number of quality watering holes that are awesome spots to catch all of the action. Even better, you can log in on mobile and bet whenever you want. Here are two to consider.

Screaming Eagle Bar and Grill in Waterloo, IA

Noted for being the place to go for Vikings games in Waterloo, the Screaming Eagle is a fun spot with plenty of food and drink specials. Game days are awesome, while the venue is also known for being a great spot to check out live bands.

  • Address: 228 E. Fourth St., Waterloo, IA  50703
  • Phone: 319-235-8865
  • Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day

Mickey Finn’s Pub in Des Moines

A combination of an Irish pub and sports bar, Mickey Finn’s is a real crowd-pleaser in Des Moines. Food and beverage selections are outstanding, and there are plenty of screens to catch the games and even karaoke on the weekends.

  • Address: 7020 Douglas Ave. A, Des Moines, IA  50322
  • Phone: 515-270-8738
  • Hours: 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. Mondays-Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Fridays-Sundays

How can I watch, listen and stream Vikings games in Iowa?

When the Vikings are playing, you won’t have trouble finding the game on the dial. NFL Sunday afternoon games will be on either CBS or Fox. Both networks have affiliate stations across Iowa that you can tune into.

If Minnesota is playing in one of the night games, options vary based on the slot. Thursday Night Football appears on NFL Network, Fox and Amazon Prime. Sunday Night Football makes its home on NBC, while Monday Night Football is on ESPN.

You can pick up the broadcast networks with a simple antenna in some spots. All of the above channels are available in cable, streaming and satellite packages, but some caveats apply. NFL Network may be an add-on, while Amazon Prime is a separate option.

On Sunday afternoon, you can also find coverage on NFL RedZone and DirectTV’s Sunday Ticket, but both require separate subscriptions. Select local and primetime games may also be available on Yahoo or the NFL app.

The radio broadcast for Vikings games is available on several stations across the state, including WMT AM 600 in Cedar Rapids and KXNO AM 1460 in Des Moines. The audio feed is also available online or via the app with options such as TuneIn radio. Paul Allen takes care of play-by-play on radio broadcasts, while Pete Bercich chips in with color commentary.

Brief Vikings history

The history of the Vikings goes back to 1960. The club was an expansion team that first began play in 1961. As a newer team, early seasons were a bit challenging, but fortunes began to change with the hiring of Bud Grant as head coach in 1967.

From 1968 through 1982, the team went on a phenomenal run of making the playoffs in 12 of 15 seasons. The Minnesota clubs of the 1970s were among the best of the decade and featured one of the most feared defensive units in NFL history, known affectionately as the Purple People Eaters.

The team made it to four Super Bowls over this stretch but came up short each time. After Grant hung it up for good in 1985, there was a natural transition, but another run of postseason appearances soon began. From 1987 through 2000, the club made the playoffs in all but two seasons.

The most memorable squad of this era was the 1998 team. The Vikings went 15-1 and featured an explosive offense that was spearheaded by QB Randall Cunningham. The team seemed destined for a Super Bowl appearance, but it would be stunned by the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game.

Since the turn of the century, the Vikings have had a decent amount of playoff appearances, but they haven’t been able to get any further than an appearance in the conference title game.

Greatest all-time Vikings

Since its inception, the Minnesota franchise has not been lacking on the talent front. The club has retired six numbers, counts 25 members in its ring of honor and another 22 players and contributors enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The team record book is filled with greats. Here’s a look at some of the top marks:

  • Career passing yards: Fran Tarkenton, 33,098
  • Career rushing yards: Adrian Peterson, 11,747
  • Career receiving yards: Cris Carter, 12,383
  • Career sacks: Carl Eller, 130
  • Career tackles: Scott Studwell, 1,981
  • Career interceptions: Paul Krause, 53
  • Most total TDs in a season: Daunte Culpepper, 41 in 2004
  • Most rushing TDs in a season: Adrian Peterson, 18 in 2009
  • Most passing TDs in a single game: Joe Kapp, seven in 1969
  • Most receiving TDs in rookie season: Randy Moss, 17 in 1998
  • Most receiving TDs in a game: Ahmad Rashad, four in 1979
  • Most rushing yards in a season: Adrian Peterson, 2,097 in 2012
  • Most rushing yards in a single game: Adrian Peterson, 296 in 2007
  • Most consecutive games with 300+ yards passing: Daunte Culpepper, four in 2004
  • Most receptions in a season: Cris Carter, 122 in 1994 and 1995
  • Most receptions in a single game: Rickey Young, 15 in 1979
  • Longest reception: Bernard Berrian, 99 yards in 2008
  • Most tackles in a single game: Scott Studwell, 24 in 1985
  • Most sacks in a season: Jared Allen, 22 in 2011
  • Longest interception return: Xavier Rhodes, 100 yards in 2016

Why is Kirk Cousins the Vikings quarterback?

Minnesota had a solid 2017 season, going 13-3 and making it as far as the NFC Championship game. Case Keenum was behind center and did an excellent job, but the team was nonetheless intrigued by the free-agent status of Kirk Cousins in the offseason.

There was quite a battle for his services, but the Vikings managed to land him with a guaranteed $84 million contract for three seasons. Cousins has had some solid moments as the starter and helped lead the team to the postseason in 2019.

Vikings FAQ

Who owns the Vikings?

The Vikings have been owned by Zygi Wilf and family since 2005. Wilf, a successful real estate developer, acquired the team for a reported $600 million. The team was initially founded by a group of Minnesota businessmen led by Bill Boyer and Max Winter. The club changed hands three other times prior to the purchase by Wilf.

How much are the Vikings worth?

The latest NFL franchise valuations from Forbes peg the Vikings with a list price of $2.95 billion. That places them 17th out of 32 franchises. The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable on the list at $5.7 billion, while the Cincinnati Bengals are last at $2 billion.

Who are the Vikings’ captains?

Six Vikings players currently hold the captain designation — four on offense and two on defense:

  • Offense: Dalvin Cook, Kirk Cousins, Brian O’Neill, C.J. Ham, Adam Thielen
  • Defense: Anthony Barr, Patrick Peterson, Harrison Smith

A number of legendary Vikings players have served as team captains during franchise history, including Brett Favre and Jim Marshall.

How much are Vikings tickets?

On the low end, Vikings tickets can be had for around $80 or so, while the primo seats can climb over $1,000. Online ticket broker VividSeats lists an average price of $378 for team home games. Keep in mind that pricing will vary by section and that demand could lead to huge spikes on the resale market.

How many times have the Vikings won the Super Bowl/made the playoffs?

The Vikings have made it to the Super Bowl four times, but they’ve lost on each trip to the big game. The last appearance came in Super Bowl XI, a 32-14 loss to the Oakland Raiders. The team has a total of 30 playoff appearances, the last of which came in 2019.

Which Vikings numbers are retired?

To date, the Vikings franchise has retired only six numbers, but there are 25 names on the team’s ring of honor. Here are the players and numbers that have received the ultimate honor:

  • 10 — Fran Tarkenton
  • 53 — Mick Tingelhoff
  • 70 — Jim Marshall
  • 77 — Korey Stringer
  • 80 — Cris Carter
  • 88 — Alan Page

What is the Vikings’ Twitter handle?

You can follow @Vikings on Twitter for the latest team news and notes. Vikings.com is the official home, while the club also has accounts on other top social media platforms, including Facebook. There’s also an official Vikings app available for Apple and Android users.