Iowa Travel Nurse Wins 17 Of 19 Top Prizes On Scratch Ticket

Written By T.J. McBride on June 16, 2023
A travel nurse in Hinton has won $300K playing the Iowa Lottery.

A travel nurse in Hinton is Iowa’s latest big winner, as she won $300,000 playing an Iowa Lottery scratch ticket game.

A spur-of-the-moment purchase of a scratch ticket at a Hinton gas station turned into a life-changing event for 39-year-old Renae Beeck.

Beeck says a vacation with her family is in order.

Travel nurse looks to travel to Hawaii for a vacation

The Iowa Lottery has around 60 scratch games running at any given time. Tickets cost from $1 to $30.

When Beeck walked into Casey’s gas station in Glenwood, Iowa, she decided to buy a $30 “Colossal Crossword” scratch ticket on a whim. As she sat on her lunch break scratching away, she realized she was winning more and more money.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, I think I won $1,000!’ And I was so excited. Then I was like, ‘I think I won $10,000!’ I was counting them and I think I counted them probably a hundred times. Then I said, ‘No, I won $300,000!’”

Beeck ended up winning 17 of 19 top prizes, which resulted in a massive $300,000 windfall.

Beeck has pretty simple plans for the money. Most of it will go into savings for retirement. Some of it, though, will be spent on something fun, she told the Sioux City Journal.

“The first thing we’re going to do as a family is we’re going on vacation. I’d like to go to Hawaii or somewhere fun.”

There’s been some other big winners playing scratch games in June

There have been a couple of other Iowa Lottery winners in the month of June.

A Missouri woman who was in Ottumwa purchased a “$100,000 Mega Crossword” scratch ticket which cost $10. After scratching, she realized that she had won one of 76 total $10,000 prizes up for grabs

A Davenport couple had a nice payday from an Iowa Lottery scratch ticket game. Bradley Sprout and his wife went to a lottery retailer known as Hy-Vee in Bettendorf to redeem a $500 win from a scratch ticket. With those winnings, Sprout bought another scratch ticket game known as “$500,000 CA$H.”

Not only did Sprout win again, but his win was for $25,000. Sprout told B100 radio station that he was shocked.

“My mind just went blank. I said, ‘Honey,’ and I showed her. And she said, ‘No way!'”

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