TVG Iowa Horse Racing App – $200 Money Back Special

If you love betting on the sport of kings, TVG Iowa is certainly a great choice. The TVG platform is legal in the Hawkeye State and offers much more than betting odds.

As well as betting lines on races worldwide, TVG offers a single-horse win wager up to $200 to new users, expert tips and live streams. Add to this plenty of promotions, and you’ve got a racebook that’s hard to beat.

So, if you’re ready to learn a bit more, let’s get under the starter’s orders and race through the finer points of this horse betting site.


TVG Iowa Sign-Up Bonus: Single-Horse Win Wager up to $200

By clicking our registration link and entering the TVG promo code 200TVG, you’ll receive your Single-Horse Win Wager worth up to $200.

Of course, you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford. Because it’s based on a multiplier and not a fixed amount, you aren’t under any pressure. In other words, novices can get as much value as high rollers.

Sign up today, make a deposit and place your first single horse win-type bet on any race and you’ll get up to $200 back as wagering credit if your horse doesn’t win.

Bonus bets, free money for all winners

To receive the reward, you need to deposit of at least $10 within 15 days of opening an account, and the bonus comes in the form of a “single-horse win wager.”

As it is with almost all free sports bets, the money you make is yours to keep. In this instance, you need to use the single-horse win wager within 30 days. Anything that’s left after 30 days will expire. You won’t be able to withdraw the single-horse win wager and your stake isn’t returned in this context. However, the profits are yours to keep.

This news is good because it means you don’t have to risk any cash to earn something extra. As long as you follow our registration link, input the promo code and make a qualifying deposit, you’ll receive the wagering credits to use.

TVG Racing Iowa Promo Code May 2024

Online Horse BettingTVG Horse Racing Iowa
TVG Promo Code200TVG
Single-Horse Win WagerUp to $200
Last UpdatedMay 2024

Regular TVG Promotions

As the home of horse racing in the US, TVG has a wealth of regular and seasonal promotions. We should note that some TVG bonuses are time-sensitive; however, we know that most promos are cyclical and often return. With that being the case, here are some of the best TVG promotions:

Super 5

The standout promotion at TVG is Super 5. This promo is a straight pick’em contest where you have to select the winners of five nominated races. Make five correct picks, and you’ll win a share of $5,000. Get four correct, and you’ll get a piece of a $1,000 prize pool.

Already, this is an impressive deal. Picking five horses and winning as much as $5,000 is great value at any level. However, what makes this TVG promotion even better is the fact that it’s free to enter.

Money back special

Are you always getting close but not quite close enough when it comes to picking winners? If so, TVG can help. Money-back specials can apply to specific races or run for a set period of time.

When you collect one of these bonuses, you’ll receive a refund if your horse finishes second or third. Some conditions apply, and the rebate is capped (usually at $10). However, this promo intends to cover any near misses.

Exacta and pick 4 insurance

Insurance promotions frequently appear at TVG. They’re great because they allow you to offset some of the risk involved with making multiway bets. During our TVG review, there were insurance offers for exactas and pick 4 bets. However, the same type of deal works for any multiway bet.

The premise is simple: You receive a rebate if your multiway bet (also called an accumulator) falls short. For example, the pick 4 insurance will refund your first bet, up to $25, when three of your picks wins and one loses. The refunds are often in the form of bonus bets, but what they do is reduce your liability and make it easier to get something back.

How to Create a TVG Account in Iowa

Use our sign-up link to create an account at TVG. However, before you do that, make sure you meet the entry conditions. Although this site is available in many US states, you still have to comply with local laws to join. As such, you must be at least 21 years old to sign up and use the site in Iowa.

Assuming you’re old enough and within the state, you can create an account at TVG Iowa by completing these simple steps:

  1. Follow our link to TVG Iowa.
  2. Complete the registration form and input the promo code 200TVG.
  3. Enable/allow the geolocation software to determine your location.
  4. Provide proof of identity when prompted. Documentation will often be via your Social Security number and by sending in a copy of your ID before your first withdrawal.

Once your account is authorized, log in and head to the cashier page to deposit at least $10 to activate the TVG welcome bonus.

TVG Horse Racing App Review

TVG is a horse racing site and unashamedly so. Everything is tailored toward the sport of kings. The site mirrors a racecard, which means the website and TVG app look like the booklets you receive when you visit a racetrack.

These booklets contain tables or cards that display information about each horse and jockey. TVG looks the same. As you’d expect, there are some modern twists, such as scalable page features and live racing. However, the general look of the app makes you feel as though you’re at the racetrack.

How to download the TVG app

To download the TVG app and unlock its top features, you need an account. TVG is optimized for all mobiles, so you don’t need to download an app. However, if you want a slicker mobile experience, you can download the app for Apple or Android devices. Once you’ve created your account following the steps above, do the following to get the app:

  1. Visit the TVG mobile page.
  2. Tap the download link for your device, and TVG will direct you to the relevant download.
  3. Download the TVG iOS app or Android app and start betting.

Navigating the TVG app

As we’ve said, TVG looks like a racecard. That means the day’s races are listed on the left side of the screen, while the horses are in the center. As it is on trackside racecards, entrants are color-coded according to the garments the jockey is wearing.

Each card displays the name of the horse, jockey, trainer and owner. You can also get information about the weight of the horse/jockey, as well as their recent form. Basically, TVG is designed to look like a trackside booklet and provide all the same information.

Finally, on the right side of the page, you’ll find banners and links to the latest promotions, as well as your bet slip. In this regard, the process of finding a race, making a pick and locking in a bet moves from left to right. That mirrors the way we read a line of text and, therefore, makes the TVG app feel extremely intuitive.

Top App Pages

Once you’ve grown accustomed to the look and feel of TVG, there are some helpful pages and features. We spent the first part of this TVG review talking about bonuses and promotions. Beyond those pages, you should take a look at these features:

Stats and facts

Each racecard is full of useful information to help you make better betting decisions. In fact, the information you can get from these cards alone is better than anything you’ll find at any other US online betting site:

  • Summary: This tab provides an overview of the race. It includes horses, jockeys and odds.
  • Snapshot: This tab offers a bite-sized preview of the race. It’s not as detailed as other sections of the site when it comes to tips and insights; however, it gives you a quick overview of what’s about to happen.
  • Speed and Class: This tab highlights the horse’s top speed and class based on past performance data.
  • Pace: This section of the racecard tells you the horse’s average pace under certain conditions. Therefore, you can make a call on its chances of success based on the weather/track conditions.
  • Jockey/Trainer Stats: This part of the card covers any recent wins and past performance data linked to the jockey and trainer.

In addition to the above, we’d suggest taking a look at the TVG Horse Racing 101 Guide. In fact, if you’re a complete novice, this is where you should start. Once you’ve completed the registration process and used the bonus code, head straight to the guide. It takes you from the basics to some of the concepts used by professional tipsters.

Race schedule and results

To know where you are in the horse racing business, you need to know where you’re going and where you’ve been. TVG makes this easy by putting weekly racing schedules on a single page. Similarly, the results are housed on a separate page. Add to this a tracklist, and you can quickly see every available race in the US and world.

The TVG blog and picks

Racing is all about tips. A lot of people claim to have someone in the know when it comes to racing tips. Few people do, but it doesn’t matter because when you join TVG, you’ll have access to a network of tipsters.

The TVG blog provides an accessible overview of the latest goings-on in horse racing. From race previews to reports and updates, this is a great way to stay in touch with everything happening in racing. You’ll also find tips and tactics inside the blog. But, if you want more specific advice, you can use the TVG tips page.

Here, you can use dropdown menus to select a track and an expert tipster. These tips aren’t guaranteed. Everyone has an opinion on a race. However, what’s great about TVG’s tips is the fact you can collate a range of opinions and cross-reference them. That’s the key to refining your decision-making process and, hopefully, making the best predictions possible.

Best Features of the TVG horse race betting app

If the features haven’t piqued your interest yet, fear not because there’s more. We haven’t rated TVG as the best online racing site in the US for no reason. In addition, you can also get access to the following at TVG:

Past performance data

By meeting certain betting conditions or paying a small fee, you can get past performance data and advanced handicapping reports for select races. These are professional-level insights that go beyond the stats and tips you get for free.

Now, the fact you have to pay or bet a certain amount does make them slightly less accessible, particularly if you’re a novice. However, TVG’s past performance data will never cost you more than a few dollars.

Race replays

Each racecard features a play button that lets you watch a replay of past races. These races are ones that involve the horse you’re researching. So, once you’ve found a race to bet on, you can search through the list of entrants and click the play button next to that horse’s name. It will show you how the horse performed in recent races.

This feature is almost unique to TVG and certainly not something you’ll find at other US sportsbooks. This feature in isolation stands as another way for you to improve your decision-making process.

Live streams

The final and, possibly, best feature of note is TVG’s live streaming platform. When you click on the “Watch TVG” button, you can view races in real-time. You’ll need to make a minimum bet on a race to activate the live stream (there isn’t a stream for every race). Once you’ve done that, you’ll get to watch the race, complete with commentary. This feature is not only exciting and entertaining but it’s another way to get more insights into the racing industry.

How Could TVG Improve?

There are two things TVG could do better. Firstly, we’d like to see deposit fees removed. These aren’t common at other US sportsbooks, and they don’t sit well with us. Secondly, it might be nice to see some other sports added to the mix. However, we know this is a pure racing site so that probably isn’t practical or desirable.

Types of Bets Available on TVG IA

TVG is a horse racing sportsbook, through and through. That means you can place a combination of standard and specialty bets common to the sport via your desktop or mobile device.

Singles bets

  • Win (WN) Bet: You pick the winner of the race.
  • Place (PL) Bet: You pick a horse to win or finish second.
  • Show (SH) Bet: Your pick has to finish in first, second or third.
  • Exacta (EX) Bet: You pick the horses you believe will finish first and second in that exact order.
  • Quinella (QN) Bet: You pick the horses you believe will finish first and second in either order.
  • Trifecta (TR) Bet: You pick the horses you believe will finish first, second and third in that exact order.
  • Superfecta (SU) Bet: You pick the horses you believe will finish first, second, third and forth in that exact order.

Multiway/accumulator bets

  • Daily double (DB) Bet: You pick the winning horse in two consecutive races.
  • Pick 3 (P3) Bet: You pick the winning horse in three consecutive races.
  • Pick 4 (P4) Bet: You pick the winning horse in four consecutive races.
  • Pick 5 (P5) Bet: You pick the winning horse in five consecutive races.
  • Pick 6 (P6) Bet: You pick the winning horse in six consecutive races.

Specialty bets

  • Jackpot Pick 6/Fortune 6 Bet: You pick the winning horse in six consecutive races, but there is only one winner from everyone who enters. That person scoops the pot.

Place your bets today at TVG Racing!

Sports You Can Bet On at TVG in Iowa

TVG doesn’t offer bets on sports other than horse racing. Therefore, if you’re looking for football betting odds or the latest MLB lines, you might want to check out DraftKings or PointsBet. If, however, you want the best horse racing odds and access to an unprecedented amount of resources, TVG is the perfect place.

Iowa sports team betting guide

TVG Iowa has links with local racetrack Prairie Meadows in Altoona. As such, you can make cash deposits there. Naturally, this partnership means you’ll get unparalleled coverage of all the action at Prairie Meadows. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on races that happen in other US states or the world. One thing to note, though, is that all winnings of $1,000 or more from odds of 300/1 or greater will be subject to a 5% tax withheld at the point of issue.

Banking Options at TVG

You can make deposits at Prairie Meadows racetrack. However, if you want to make deposits and withdrawals via your desktop or mobile device, you can do so from as little at $10 (maximum withdrawal is $10,000 per transaction) using the following:

  • Cash at the casino (Prairie Meadows)
  • Debit Cards: Visa or Mastercard
  • E-check
  • Green Dot MoneyPak
  • PayNearMe (local stores such as 7-Eleven)
  • PayPal
  • TVG prepaid card
  • Wire transfer

One point to note is that almost all deposit options have a $5 processing fee. In fact, wire transfers cost $15. We’d like to see this changed as it’s not ideal.

However, if it helps keep things secure and the level of service high, we can accept it. To avoid deposit fees, make a deposit at Prairie Meadows or use Green Dot MoneyPak, e-check or PayNearMe.

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How to Contact TVG Customer Support

You can use the site’s FAQ to answer dozens of common questions. To speak to a member of the TVG support team, you can use the following methods:

Responsible gambling at TVG

TVG is a licensed, regulated and responsible operator, which means it follows the law in all states in which it’s active, including Iowa. The odds it offers come from verified data centers and are always fair. Finally, the site itself uses SSL encryption and meets all the required standards with regard to protecting your personal data.

In addition to keeping you and your bankroll safe, TVG has an obligation to look out for your well-being. If you feel your gambling has become a problem, you can use the on-site responsible gambling tools such as timeouts (you can’t log in), deposit limits and betting limits. If that’s not enough, you can speak to a customer support agent or contact the National Problem Gambling Hotline at 1-800-522-4700.

Where is the TVG Retail Sportsbook?

TVG has a partnership with Prairie Meadows. This means you can make deposits and place bets at the track. If you’ve never been, the address is 1 Prairie Meadows Drive, Altoona, IA.

Is TVG the best racebook in Iowa?

When it comes to horse racing, it’s fair to say TVG is the best in the business. Not only does it offer more odds than anyone else, it offers more insights, tips and perspectives on the industry. Basically, TVG is a one-stop shop for everything related to the sport of kings. If you want betting options, results, race reviews and live streams, TVG is the place to go. Therefore, in terms of labeling it the “best horse racing sportsbook in the US,” it’s an easy call for us.